Body Stretching


The studio opens 15mins before a session so on arrival please choose your mat (2mx1m), the gym mats allow sufficient space & also gives your body a little absorption/protection on the joints. Baskets have been provided; holds a 'strong' resistance 'booty band' & 1.5kg pair of dumbbells. If you wish to change the size & weight there are 'x-light' 'light' 'medium' & 'x-strong' bands available & 0.5kg up to 2.5kg dumbbells. You are more than welcome to bring your own equip. Yoga mats are also provided & are located on the walls for our floor tracks & cool downs. 



stretching & warm up

30 minutes standing workout

10 minutes floor workout

cool down

It's important for our bodies to stretch & warm up before any workout so try to arrive on time to get this in. 1-2mins of stretching & 3mins of a dance based warm up. These steps are not broken down but expect some shoulder rolls, box steps, wrist rolls, chest openers, soft knee/ankle rotations & skips or steps.

Each track is roughly 3.30mins give or take an average of 8 standing tracks. Steps are broken down for a safe & effective workout. This section is designed to target areas standing so each track is different & includes a cardio track, a boxing track, biceps track, shoulder & upper body, squat track, triceps, dance/latin/disco & a standing core or balance track.

Rocking out 2 or 3 tracks, dumbbells or 'booty bands' or both will be required targeting either abs, thighs, glutes, arms or back or can also be a combination of. These tracks will be done either on hands & knees, on your side, on your back or on your front.

Like a warm up, it's so important to allow the body to stretch & cool down. Together with some breathing we start seated or lying on your back. A cool down is around 5 mins depending on the workout given. You will start with some long hold stretching then move into some yoga based moves or light motion dance.

On completion of our session please wipe down your yoga mat & dumbbells with the wipes located in the basket at the back of the room & leave them on the gym mats to dry. You don't need to roll the yoga mats back up. The studio will remain open for another 15mins so you are more than welcome to have a chat, check out the activewear range & cosmetic products or just chill out.