The Studio


My studio in Bull Creek has been designed specifically to run classes in a small group

setting with up to 6 adults for indoor & (outdoor classes seasonal). I provide 0.5kg up to 2.5kg dumbbells, resistance 'booty' bands & yoga mats, however you are more than welcome to bring your own. All equipment is cleaned down after every session. Please bring a water bottle & a sweat towel or a larger towel for any extra support when rocking out our floor tracks. Sneakers with good support are highly recommended.


I currently instruct 3 mornings & 2 evenings a week in BURN!® Jagua® combination

classes & Konga® in a mash up style class on Thursdays. The new Getlow® program is

now running on Mondays 10am (45min). BURN! outdoors Tuesdays 9.15am will return

back in September 2021.

You do not need to be fit or a fab dancer, I offer low impact options when needed & as it's always great to push yourself & sweat it out it's also important to listen to your body too. The Jungle Body specializes in keeping it a dance based fitness workout with an easy to follow 3 to 4 moves per track.




OMG!! What a buzz!! I've always loved the Jungle Body workouts but this little studio is awesome & Nic is AMAZING!!



Wow, I'm so uncoordinated but Nic made it feel so natural & warming. I love that it's local & I can walk to class. I'm over 60 & just love getlow, I've never experienced anything like this class before. Thank you for brining my groove back!!



I'm so pumped up! The energy is crazy fun!! It's small but intimate, Nic will always offer a low impact but always with full energy. What an fabulous way to stay in shape & fun doing it, a must try, ABSOLUTELY!!


The Jungle Body®

What are these awesome programs?

So let's combine dance, fitness, lifestyle & upbeat vibes & you've got the jungle body fever!!

Founded here in Perth in 2010 & with over 800 instructors across the globe The Jungle Body was designed for those that are fit, unfit, love to dance but not coordinated or just want to shake & tone your booty to some hot, fun, disco & old school beats.

It's an all round beat driven, dance based workout designed to tone, sculpt, balance,

stretch & get that heart pumping. Each month the fabulous team put together some amazing routines to keep it fresh, fun & turn up the sweat factor!! Expect to pump, jump, twerk, box, squat, lunge, salsa, laugh, groove & get those hips whining.

You can smash it hard or just go at your own pace! Book Now!

For more information on each program OR to find another awesome instructor

in your area please visit