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The Jungle Body with Nic

My Journey

Your lifestyle should always be about balance! 

A healthy diet, a cheeky meal & even a wine or 2 but it's also about fitness!!

Keeping fit can be challenging, exciting & definitely rewarding! The Jungle Body® Programs give you that awesome pumped up feeling that you just can't get enough of!! My journey started while living overseas instructing the most amazing classes & now qualified in 5 of the 8 programs I've brought back that wonderful feel good energy to my personal group fitness studio here in Perth, Bull Creek. 


My Classes


10am - 10.45am

Getlow® is a beat-driven low impact workout designed to move your body, ignite your mind & improve your well being. This class is suitable for GenX, baby boomers, rehab & pre/post natal. 

$11 a session


9.15am - 10.15am

We are taking BURN!® outdoors with your toddler/s! This Jungle Body Mash Up class gives mum time to exercise while the little ones can play, join in & meet others. Expect some boxing, dumbbells & 'booty' bands.

$11 a session


 6pm - 7pm

BURN!® takes 1.5-2.5kg dumbbells & resistance 'booty' bands & infuses them to dance inspired movements to tone & sculpt. This evening class is also combined with Jagua® to give you a full hour of fitness.

$11 a session


9.30am - 10.30am & 6pm - 7pm

Konga® is a high intensity fusion of cardio, boxing & dance designed to boost those endorphins & sweat it out! The evening session is a Mash Up class  with Konga® BURN!® & Jagua®

$11 a session


9.30am - 10.30am & 6pm - 7pm

Jagua® is a dance based body sculpting & conditioning class inspired by ballet & pilates choreographed moves to help balance, stretch & tone. These classes are combined with BURN!®

$11 a session

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