The Jungle Body® with Nic

dance. sweat. let go

You know that awesome pumped up feeling that you just can't get enough of? The Jungle Body programs are a dance party workout for mind, body & soul & I'm super excited to be apart of this uniquely designed program giving you 3 to 4 moves per track to keep those muscles burning! Expect to sweat, groove, laugh, squat, pump those dumbbells & heat up that booty with resistance bands.

We are all different levels of fitness, sizes & shapes so embrace it & have fun moving your body to awesome beats, great moves & disco lighting (our evening sessions are nice & dark!!). Keeping fit can be challenging but it's also rewarding & to be honest that's really the added bonus, for me it's more about mental health, great vibes & meeting beautiful people!!


I've instructed the most amazing groups large & small overseas & now Perth woohoo!! So i'm super pumped that I get to give you that wonderful feel good experience here in my fitness studio Bull Creek. Studio 11 opened in February 2020 & we've been rocking out classes since!! (indoors, outdoors & online) Join me, I'm Nic & would love for you to smash out a session with me & my tribe at Studio 11.



9.30am - 10.30am

Getlow® is a beat-driven low impact workout designed to move your body, ignite your mind & improve your well being. This class is suitable for GenX, baby boomers, rehab & pre/post natal. 

$11 a session

Working Out


 6pm - 7pm

BURN!® takes 1.5-2.5kg dumbbells & resistance 'booty' bands & infuses them to dance inspired movements to tone & sculpt. This evening class is also combined with Jagua® to give you a full hour of fitness.

$11 a session

Fun at Yoga


9am - 10am

Jagua® is a dance based body sculpting & conditioning class inspired by ballet & pilates choreographed moves to help balance, stretch & tone. These classes are combined with BURN!®

$11 a session

Zumba Class


9.30am - 10.30am & 6pm - 7pm

Konga® is a high intensity fusion of cardio, boxing & dance designed to boost those endorphins & sweat it out! Both sessions are a Mash Up style class with all 3 programs Konga® BURN!® & Jagua®

$11 a session

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OMG!! What a buzz!! I've always loved the Jungle Body workouts but this little studio is awesome & Nic is AMAZING!!



Wow, I'm so uncoordinated but Nic made it feel so natural & warming. I love that it's local & I can walk to class. I'm over 60 & just love getlow, I've never experienced anything like this class before. Thank you for brining my groove back!!



I'm so pumped up! The energy is crazy fun!! It's small but intimate, Nic will always offer a low impact option but always with full energy. What an fabulous way to stay in shape & have fun doing it, a must try, ABSOLUTELY!!